Don't Shave for Sherlock
"Six months of bristly kisses and then his nibs turns up..."
Hello, my friends. This blog will contain anything that I find even remotely hilarious so sit down, shut up, and try not to offend me as much as I have surely offended you. P.S. I am a Sherlock fan, Whovian, GoT person??, Potterhead, Avengers fan, Les Miz fan, AHS fan, Fargo fan, and Downton Abbey fan.

Oh, and with regards to Sherlock filming, this blog will have spoilers, but I will try to keep them in the 'spoilers' tag. And I will try to always respect the wishes of the cast and crew.

Currently obsessed with 'The Imitation Game.'

Mark Gatiss while being attacked by a horde of ravenous zombies: “Not the suit! It’s Armani!”

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